Learning Korean Through Folk Tales (English ver.) (설화로 배우는 한국어)
Author : Soon-lye Kim, Ha-na Kim
Book page : 248 pages
Supplement : Appendix boook (56 pages) & Free MP3 Download
About This Book

This is a Korean reading textbook that introduces 16 representative Korean folk tales along with the actual geographical locations around which the tales are based. Learners can enjoy studying the wide variety of vocabulary, expressions, and grammar points featured in the folk tales.  


Learn folk tales from different parts of Korea and read vivid descriptions of the famous locations that appear in them!

       A reader designed for intermediate learners of Korean

       Learn a variety of Korean vocabulary and expressions through 16 area-specific folk tales  

 Separate appendix available with English, Chinese, and Japanese translations  

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Price : KRW 17,000
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