Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life (English ver.)
Author : Seung-eun Oh
Book page : 296 pages
Supplement : MP3 CD
About This Book

Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life is designed for intermediate-level Korean learners to enhance their speaking abilities beyond their present level. The learners can learn 50 useful expressions in Part1, and they can also learn 24 common situational encounters in Part2. The learners can apply each expression from Part1 in speaking exercises in the sections in Part2.

• The best thing in this book is that it does not only focus on the learning of the Korean expression, but also on the listening, reading, writing, and on applying all of them.

• This book is structured with dialogue practices and many various features such as, , , , , , so that readers can understand and remember better.

• One can learn a variety of vocabulary and expressions used in authentic materials in Korea.

• One can apply these to real-life situations through section.

•  section also provides insight and information on the Korean lifestyle and culture.

This book is also available in Spanish version.
The revised edition of the Spanish version has been released.

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Price : KRW 17,000
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