2000 Essential Korean Words - Intermediate (English ver.)
Author : Hyun-mi Shin, Hee-jung Lee, Sang-min Lee
Book page : 536 pages
Supplement : Free MP3 Download
About This Book

This book covers a total of approximately 2,000 words according to the following criteria. Selected the vocabulary words appeared more than 3 textbooks from the language institutes of nine universities and two private institutes on the basic first and second level Korean.


The words organized into fourteen topics. The provided example sentences are related to each topic focused on the example sentences used in textbooks and practical sentences frequently used in everyday life


Useful word translations in English, Chinese, and Japanese!


The antonym, synonym, honorific form, low form, related word(s), and reference word(s) are provided in order to widen the students' vocabulary.


A review test similar with TOPIK with 'Let's Check'.


Through learning the Chinese characters, learners will be able to widen their vocabulary range.


Accurately recorded entry words and example sentences with MP3 CD!  

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Price : KRW 23,000
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