Complete Guide to the TOPIK Ⅱ- 3rd Edition (English ver.)
Author : Seoul Korean Language Academy
Book page : 352 pages
Supplement : Free MP3 Download & Free Lecture
About This Book

The revised 3rd edition of the Complete Guide to the TOPIK reflects the newly improved TOPIK test evaluation framework and questions, and contains even more detailed explanations and analysis of sample question types and practice questions, as well as two mock tests. Consisting of TOPIK I (Basic) and II (Intermediate - Advanced), it’s the perfect preparation for the TOPIK, and through 11 special lectures (5 beginner level and 6 intermediate and advanced) by the author on key points, you can understand core TOPIK strategy to thoroughly prepare for the exam. The Complete Guide to the TOPIK series provides English translations of all question content and detailed explanations, so that learns can get a sense of the actual test based on a high degree of understanding of the TOPIK. TOPIK II (Intermediate - Advanced) helps learners to achieve a high score on the writing section by providing a “Writing Guide” in the appendix, including spelling and English analysis of explanations and examples of frequently mistaken expressions.

The revised 3rd edition of the Complete Guide to the TOPIK, with the most up-to-date evaluation framework and directions!

The revised 3rd edition of the Complete Guide to the TOPIK reflects the newly improved TOPIK test evaluation framework and questions, and is the perfect TOPIK preparation material, filled with the newest trends in test questions. Through detailed analysis of sample question types, learners can understand strategies for each question and prepare for the exam.

Get a record high score with a 3-step system: Analyze sample questions – Understand practice questions – Prepare for the real thing with practice exams!

Learners can solve practice questions based on the problem-solving strategies identified in the sample questions, with each question accompanied by a supplementary explanation to provide a detailed understanding of all question types. With a total of 2 mock tests included, all questions and explanations are provided in both Korean and English, enhancing learners’ understanding.

Get a feel for the real test and increase your understanding of TOPIK questions by watching free supplemental lectures from the author!

With a total of 11 lectures (5 beginner level, 6 intermediate and advanced), learners can study the author’s core TOPIK strategy lecture content via QR code. Based on the content of the author’s special lectures, which introduce the TOPIK exam and analyze the practice question types included in the textbook, learners can properly understand the latest TOPIK exam format.

Study strategies to get a high score on the writing section using the “TOPIK Writing Guide” supplement!

With the “TOPIK Writing Guide” included in the appendix, learners can achieve a high sore on the writing section, with how to write on squared manuscript paper, how to understand commonly confused vocabulary words and spelling, and how to correctly use particles, etc. all clearly explained with an English translation.  

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