Cours de coréen - Niveau intermédiaire (French ver.) (프랑스어권 학습자를 위한 한국어 – 중급)
Author : KWON Yong-hae, CHOI Jung-yoon
Book page : 384 pages
Supplement : 2 Audio CDs
About This Book

* Help learners get indirect experience of Korean culture by reading fun Korean stories that can help your understanding of Korea!
* Learners can improve language skills and get a taste of the TOPIK through various examples!
* Learners can get better accustomed tointermediate Korean through a workbook and anaudio CD!
* A Korean speaking practice book for traveling with essential real life expressions and vocabulary!
* Watch video clips of a 5-day trip to Seoul and witness the Korean expressions and vocabulary being used in real situations
* Learn about various aspects of the Korean language and culture, while picking up some helpful tips for your trip!

Cours de coréen - Niveau intermédiaire is a Korean textbook for French-speaking learners. It has various examples and friendly French explanations to help them master intermediate Korean.

The book introduces many Korean cultures that can help learn Korean language in French so that learners can get indirect experience of Korea.

Learners can learn how to apply the grammar and vocabulary words they studied with numerous exercises. At the same time, they can experience the intermediate TOPIK question types through reading and listening questions with a similar format to the TOPIK.

Learners can get used to intermediate Korean through a workbook and an audio CD. The workbook includes grammar and vocabulary exercises not covered in the textbook as well as intermediate writing tasks. The audio CD includes dialogues from the textbook and reading texts, etc.

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